About My View

About Myself

My name is Chris Fornesa, but I make art under the alias “CftxP”. In fact, if you do a search for “CftxP” or my name, you will find my internet history of discourse, websites, and work! I am a self-identifying creative who writes, draws, paints, blogs, designs, and argues. I love writing and blogging about political matters, art, and dogs. When it comes to art, I paint and draw just about anything that I desire, whether it is realistic or abstract. I also love designing websites, digital art, and just about anything else.

The mix of interests that I pursue also contributes to the wealth of knowledge that I have accumulated. I graduated from Houston Community College with a perfect GPA and I repeated this at the University of Houston. There, I minored in Political Science, Studio Art, and Business Foundations and majored in Liberal Studies. I can make connections fairly quickly. I also love finding out how the world functions!

So, what is this space?

“View Art By CftxP” is a creative platform where I integrate creativity, artwork, and advertising. As a web designer and developer, I often struggle with allowing so-called “distractions” like advertisements on my websites, but as a creative who has struggled in this world, I also understand the value of feasibility and the confines of reality. I crafted this website as an experiment to showcase my art while integrating advertising as a way to, hopefully, give myself a form of income to offset the realities of being queer, autistic, disabled, with brown skin in this society and in this world.

Another motivator that I had for creating this site is that I wanted to offer access to art to the masses, but in a way that wasn’t meant to be chauvinistic. What I mean is that art adds so much value to our lives! Color, great design, and thought-provoking art only enhances society in a way that nothing else can, not even the more economically or logically “useful” endeavors. Art frees people from their realities and gives us the ability to imagine, and maybe even turn into reality, a world of wonder, beyond the confines that we have set for ourselves, and makes it possible to push boundaries.

My Mission For This Platform

I want to push boundaries, present free-thought, and promote freedom with my art. If that means that I must add advertising to make a living off of this dream, then so be it! And maybe this means that I must constantly find new business models to promote my art indirectly, then so be it. Also, it could mean that I must even create new ways to earn money from my work. But, nonetheless, I desire and I will strive to ensure that my artwork, my pieces, are accessible to the masses. The only way that my art influences others is to reach them after all!

Plans For The Future

I will, in the near future, experiment with monetizing this platform. This may, or may not, include a combination of advertisements, affiliate links, and promotions. Please whitelist this site, and keep it there, to support my endeavors. I refuse to use services that will risk my visitors. However, just to keep yourself safe, turn on your antivirus and use a VPN service! For a VPN service, I suggest trying out Windscribe VPN. Windscribe is a VPN service that hides your traffic, does not log, and may even block ads! Just, please, whitelist this website and, if you can, go with Windscribe Pro. By doing so, I will also make money and you will be supporting my endeavors with this blog. However, please remember to whitelist this website!

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Chris Fornesa